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How does Relationship Transformation work?

Relationship Transformation helps you develop a new set of skills that enable you to create fulfilling, harmonious relationships. You practice these skills until you can use them every day. As you use the new skills daily, you slowly change your life.

My spouse tries to control, manipulate and change our children and me. How can Relationship Transformation help me?

Most of us mistakenly believe that decisions are made individually. This means the more powerful and persuasive person controls a relationship; as a result, conflict follows almost every choice. You’re left compromising, bartering or battering each other just to survive in the relationship. 

To make joint decisions and create harmonious relationships, you must learn to identify the essential needs of both you and your partner. These are skills you can learn through Relationship Transformation. This naturally makes your decisions mutually supportive. When your life needs are met, you experience the happiness of living a thriving life among others who thrive as well. This situation is even more pronounced when you have children involved.

If you divorce and begin another relationship, but still hold the belief of making decisions individually, your battle zone over relationship control will persist with your new partner. Relationship Transformation can help you stop this vicious behavioral pattern.

Can I change my marital relationship without my partner’s help?

Yes. It can happen because the Peace-Making skills you practice invite different responses from others. They don’t need them to understand or practice the skills; only you need to be able to practice them. 

You can help your partner want to learn the skills by living them for yourself. Your partner will experience your new skills as caring, supportive and enjoyable. The belief that the world must change for you to experience peace is incorrect. Only you must change to experience and share peace.

When can I start taking the class and the practice?

New students begin each month on the Friday evening before the Saturday class. The Friday evening class gives you the basics and theoretical understanding, so that you can begin following the class on the next day.

Do I need to take the class and the practice together?

No, but they are most effective when taken together. The class and practice together use your experience to help you view life from a more comprehensive and harmonious perspective.

How much does it cost?

The class costs 2% of your monthly gross income and is paid for monthly. On a $2,000 monthly gross income, the class would cost $40 per month; on a $5,000 monthly gross income, it would cost $100 per month. This sliding fee scale enables everyone to afford the class and adequately compensates for the instruction.

Where is the class taught?

The class is taught at the Peace-Making building at 5745 NE Glisan, Portland, Oregon 97213.

How do I take Relationship Transformation online by video conference?

You and your practice partner can practice by video conference via Skype. The Skype account is extremely easy to set up and conferencing is free.

Can I ask questions and participate in the class or only watch and listen by video?

You can fully participate in the class by asking questions via video conferencing and or simply watch and listen. We are open to whatever makes you comfortable, but you will get more out of the class with more participation.

Why should I take the course?

The course can help you better understand your essential needs and feelings, thus helping you create more fulfilling and harmonious relationships. The class is for those who want to learn Peace-Making skills and Peace-Making Mediation while engaging in the other interests and commitments of their lives.

How long does it take to learn?

The length of time it takes depends on your existing skills, your ability to learn and practice new skills, the amount of damage you have sustained in your life and the work required to clear that damage away so that you can practice Peace-Making. 

Most people begin practicing immediately, but find that it takes six months to consistently and effectively practice Peace-Making with challenging situations. It takes twice that length of time to exercise the same skills with intimate family members or your spouse, because those people can stimulate early injuries. Mastery requires a balance of right and left brain skills and depends on your willingness to acquire and nurture this balance.

“I am gaining the skills necessary to contribute to my families’ well-being as we find our way.”

-R. Ellison


About Peace-Making

Peace-Making Mediation is a full service family law firm serving Metropolitan Portland, Oregon in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties with three core services:  Divorce Mediation, Relationship Transformation, and full legal representation.  Peace-Making Mediation resolves all marriage and family conflicts without warfare through Relationship Transformation, through Separation and Divorce Mediation and through representing only you in Collaborative Law, in Divorce Arbitration, in collaborative divorce settlements or in Divorce Trial Without War. 

We do this by resolving custody of children, custody decision making, co-parenting, co-parenting decision making, parenting plan and parenting time, transitional spousal support, compensatory spousal support and maintenance spousal support, valuation of property, separation of premarital property and inherited property from marital property and then division of marital property.  In Relationship Transformation, without marital counseling or marital therapy, we teach you relationship skills that resolve marital conflict, identify feelings, fulfill needs, create joint decisions that mutually support both spouses and each child and that create personal happiness and family joy.

Call us today for a free divorce mediation consultation or for a relationship transformation session at (503) 228-7256.

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