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What Results
  Peace-Making Mediation helps you find experience and live within the loving natures of each other and to share it with your children.

Within 3 months, ordinary effort begins consistent successes with children, friends and co-workers.  Within 12 months, you can consistently experience it as the path to marital and parental joy. 

Peace-Making Mediation can relieve emotional tensions and support you and your partner, while you’re learning.  It gives structure for your dialogue before you can maintain it for yourselves.

Peace-Making,as a longer journey, opens the door to the temple within.  There, each of us have what all enlightened beings have found, and what you will find, is the journey from “I” to oneness with the “Father”, as Jesus expressed it. 

Finding and coming to know the consistent daily joy of loving within oneself, one’s home and marital partnership remain life’s design and promise to us.

Some elements of What Results:

Within 3 months, successes with children, friends and co-workers begins
Within 12 months,consistent experience of marital and parental joy
Peace-Making Mediation supports you by structuring your dialogue
Peace-Making opens the door to the temple within and the journey from “I” to oneness

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Relationship Transformation: training in Peace-Making and marital skills that infuses empathy, healing and mutual support into relationships.

Peace: the state that occurs when we remain within our compassionate nature, tending and fulfilling essential human needs; the tranquility and joy from a thriving life.

Peace-Making Mediation: the skills that focus on deepening insight, practicing love and creating a willing environment for mutually supportive decisions.

Counseling: adjusting the stories, opinions and ideas by which one lives.

Therapy: the treatment of mental or emotional disorders.

Healing: resolving a history of upsets, disappointments and broken promises.

Marital Therapy: attempting to resolve marital conflict, adjust emotional reactions and address individual histories that trigger conflicts.

“A solution to getting your life back to the new day scenario is what the course is all about.”

-J. Flood, Jr. P.E.


About Peace-Making

Peace-Making Mediation is a full service family law firm serving Metropolitan Portland, Oregon in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties with three core services:  Divorce Mediation, Relationship Transformation, and full legal representation.  Peace-Making Mediation resolves all marriage and family conflicts without warfare through Relationship Transformation, through Separation and Divorce Mediation and through representing only you in Collaborative Law, in Divorce Arbitration, in collaborative divorce settlements or in Divorce Trial Without War. 

We do this by resolving custody of children, custody decision making, co-parenting, co-parenting decision making, parenting plan and parenting time, transitional spousal support, compensatory spousal support and maintenance spousal support, valuation of property, separation of premarital property and inherited property from marital property and then division of marital property.  In Relationship Transformation, without marital counseling or marital therapy, we teach you relationship skills that resolve marital conflict, identify feelings, fulfill needs, create joint decisions that mutually support both spouses and each child and that create personal happiness and family joy.

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