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Peaceful Separation
  Commonly, when a marriage is troubled, the partners will have a long period of arguing and misery followed by a self-destructive public crash in court and a lifetime grudge.

But before you end up in this situation, Peaceful Separation gives you an alternative. 

Through this process, you can take some time away from your relationship. With safety and peace, you can learn the skills that create fulfilling relationships. Use this time (6-12 months, if you are dedicated) to relieve the stress long enough to work on your skills. Peaceful Separation may require a simple agreement; it may require a formal written agreement and moving into separate homes.

Meet with Peace-Making for a free consultation to assure a Peaceful Separation will work for you.

After you start gaining skills and some insight, you can invite a more fulfilling relationship. You can use greater clarity to determine if you can build that fulfilling relationship with your current partner, of if you should end the relationship and start over.

Also, you can take the Marital Self Test to determine whether your existing skills might lead to divorce (based upon John Gottman’s research). You also can register for the Relationship Transformation course. This course is best taken in-person, but if you live too far away, you can take it by video conference.

Elements of Peaceful Separation:

Take a time out to stop the conflicts, pain and tension
Clarify what is your best possibility
Learn the skills that give emotional safety, intimacy and equality in a relationship
Create an economical, painless, pre-planned divorce
If you’re done, follow through with a peaceful divorce

Contact us today and learn how Peace-Making’s Peaceful Separation can help you in the most important areas of your life.



Separation: a time out from living together and having to deal with each other’s emotions daily.  It can be created within the same household, but the arrangements must be simple, separate and agreed upon.

Divorce: ends the relationship, or if you have children together, limits it to raising the children.

Divorce Mediation: a conversation structured by a mediator to help you safely say what needs to be heard, hear what has been said and make joint decisions that are mutually supportive.

Peace-Making Mediation: a unique process created by Peace-Making to resolve emotions; especially useful in creating working partnerships for co-parenting.


“My divorce was the worst time of my life.  Steve Smith not only gave me personal support through the process, he also helped me with a different positive outlook on life.”

-D. Lorensen

About Peace-Making

Peace-Making Mediation is a full service family law firm serving Metropolitan Portland, Oregon in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties with three core services:  Divorce Mediation, Relationship Transformation, and full legal representation.  Peace-Making Mediation resolves all marriage and family conflicts without warfare through Relationship Transformation, through Separation and Divorce Mediation and through representing only you in Collaborative Law, in Divorce Arbitration, in collaborative divorce settlements or in Divorce Trial Without War. 

We do this by resolving custody of children, custody decision making, co-parenting, co-parenting decision making, parenting plan and parenting time, transitional spousal support, compensatory spousal support and maintenance spousal support, valuation of property, separation of premarital property and inherited property from marital property and then division of marital property.  In Relationship Transformation, without marital counseling or marital therapy, we teach you relationship skills that resolve marital conflict, identify feelings, fulfill needs, create joint decisions that mutually support both spouses and each child and that create personal happiness and family joy.

Call us today for a free divorce mediation consultation or for a relationship transformation session at (503) 228-7256.

Oregon: 5745 NE Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon 97213

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