Family Law Without War- Prevents Court and Trial

Peace-Making uses one neutral attorney to help you both.  By guiding you through a structured conversation emotions don’t overwhelm you.  You can both resolve everything fairly and safely.

If you agree to mediation-arbitration, you agree to resolve everything by mediation or arbitration outside of court.  You mediate, but if you get hung up, the attorney becomes an arbitrator, applies the law the way a judge would, and makes the decision for you.

Your documents will be prepared. Your agreement will be a Stipulated General Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. They will be mailed to court for a judge to review and sign. You will never have to see the inside of a court room.

You save 90% of what divorce through representation, negotiation and trial normally cost.

Some elements of Family Law Without War:

  • Avoid court and trial
  • Settle your case
  • Save 90% of what divorce through representation and trial normally costs
  • Use one neutral attorney to help assure safety and fairness

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Trial: formal public hearing in a courtroom with complex rules; ends with a judge deciding all issues.

Representation: when an attorney is employed to look out only for your interests.

Family Law Attorney: a lawyer trained in family law and divorce trials.

Family Law Without War: Preparing a divorce decree through mediation and arbitration so you never go to trial.