Divorce Mediation

Portland Divorce Mediation Attorney

You have to make three complex decisions:

  • How to divide the debts and assets fairly;
  • How to create reasonable cash flow for two homes; and
  • How to share parenting.

Trying to invent your terms for divorce can make you crazy. Don’t. Your fears and failings will likely continue the mess, and you’ll miss out on your do-over, a new relationship you make fulfilling.

If you haven’t written and signed a pre-nuptial agreement, then the laws define your partnership and its division. Judges apply those laws daily in what amounts to a “community standard of fairness”.

In Divorce mediation you can avoid trial and make these 3 decisions by meeting with an attorney mediator. The attorney mediator can help you understand and apply the “community standard of fairness” together.

The “community standard of fairness” deals with money and children. It doesn’t consider emotions. You’re left with your anger, pain and fear and a permanent grudge.

A Peace-Making Mediator can help you tailor those 3 decisions to your individual needs and can help you understand and resolve the emotions. You can enhance the likely success of a do-over and end the marriage grudge free. That makes all of the parenting contact and parenting decisions comfortable, and it creates the possibility of sharing in one extended family with your children.
Elements of Divorce Mediation:

  • You have 3 decisions: Dividing the assets, creating adequate cash flow and parenting time
  • The “community standard of fairness” guides those 3 decisions
  • An attorney mediator can help you apply the “community standard of fairness” together
  • Peace-Making Mediation can also resolve the anger, pain and fear
  • Understand and resolve feelings to enhance the likely success of a do-over

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“The Community Standard of Fairness”: the way judges apply the law to particular circumstances to make separation and divorce decisions.

Family Law Attorney: a lawyer trained in family law and trial of divorces.

Attorney Mediator: a family law attorney trained in mediation.

Peace-Making Mediation: a unique process created by Peace-Making to resolve emotions; especially useful in creating working partnerships for co-par.