Peaceful Divorce Mediation

Peace-Making uses powerful forms of mediation, guided conversations, to assure resolution without the expense, delay and trauma of trial.  Once you have decided you need to live separately, agreement on the terms of separation and divorce can be worked out fairly within a few weeks.  Leave court drama, financial ruin and damaged children for those choosing that method.

Attorney Mediation– An attorney serves you both as a neutral to help you understand how the court would apply the law to your circumstances.  You can then make your decisions together within the norm of what a court would do.

Transformative Mediation– A mediator helps you both discover together the essential human needs each must fulfill to thrive.  Then, together you plan how fulfillment will occur.  This develops insight and cooperation essential to co-parenting.

Arbitration– If you get hung up on an issue, a neutral attorney decides how to apply the law to decide that issue.

Collaborative Law– If you each want an attorney to understand, develop and express your circumstances, you and your attorneys agree to work out every issue together and use court only to ratify your agreement.

Elements of Peaceful Divorce Mediation::

  • If you’re done with your relationship, don’t fight, just divorce
  • Make all the business decisions to separate the assets and money
  • Decide how the kids will be cared for
  • Create a working partnership in co-parenting the children
  • Spare grief and save 90% of the litigation cost
  • Keep it private, confidential and efficient
  • Be done in a few weeks

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Family Law Attorney: a lawyer trained in family law and divorce trials.

Attorney Mediation: a family law attorney trained in mediation.

Peace-Making Mediation: a unique process created by Peace-Making to resolve emotions; especially useful in creating working partnerships for co-parenting.