Transformative Mediation

It feels like counseling. This unique and powerful structured conversation helps both parties look together at each others’ essential needs and design terms of separation that will support both in thriving. It creates an unusual depth of understanding that promotes co-parenting. We’ve seen such good results from it that we encourage it by discounting our fees.

Transformative Mediation listens empathetically to feelings and uses them to disclose essential human needs. Often this emotional disclosure discovers why the existing relationship fails one or both parties. Then it helps you make decisions together that fairly supports both. Custody, parenting plans, child support, spousal support, division of property, and every kind of human problem can be addressed optimizing care for both, but especially for your children.

Transformative Mediation helps you either understand how to avoid these results in the next relationship or, for a few determined souls, understand how to repair this relationship.

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Some elements of Transformative Mediation:

  • Transforms even intensely held, bitter, disputes into courteous and respectful discussion;
  • Enables even angry, contemptuous combatants to resolve their disputes;
  • Rare, unique, powerful, and surprising;
  • Achieves insightful results and cooperative agreements;
  • Resolves custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, division of property and fees;
  • Less expensive than other mediation;


Separation: a time out from living together and having to deal with each other’s emotions daily. It can be created within the same household, but the arrangements must be simple, separate and agreed upon.

Divorce: ends the relationship, or if you have children together, limits it to raising the children.

Divorce Mediation: a conversation structured by a mediator to help you safely say what needs to be heard, hear what has been said and make joint decisions that are mutually supportive.

Peace-Making Mediation: a unique process created by Peace-Making to resolve emotions; especially useful in creating working partnerships for co-parenting.